I have been an software developer since 1998, working primarily with Microsoft technologies and have had a hand in some Oracle database duties as well. Web and mobile device applications have been my primary focus over the past few years. 

I am a consultant with RBA Consulting, Inc., based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With MCAD (web) and MCTS (mobile applications) certifications, I and am constantly working toward honing my skills and maintaining relevance in an ever changing technology landscape. I am especially excited by what is happening in the mobile computing space. I love working as a consultant because I get to face new challenges and meet new people frequently... never a dull moment.

Prior to my foray into the technology world I was a bassoonist with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, having started as a professional in 1978. I continue to freelance in Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota and am also bassoon instructor in the Department of Music at St. Thomas University in Saint Paul.

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